Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini Speaks on Investigation

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini commented on the capital gains case and reiterated the need to remain ‘united’ and ‘give back’ to the club.

After the 2-0 win over Salernitana, Chiellini claimed it’s ‘time to give back’ to Juventus, who are going through a difficult moment.

The Old Lady is under investigation for false accounting in the capital gains case and Chiellini spoke about the need to ‘stay close’ to the club and help the Bianconeri ‘get out of this situation’.

The 37-year-old, capped 114 times by Italy, returned to talk about the current situation and the investigation into the leaders at Juventus and reiterated his words from Tuesday night.

“I spoke clearly on Tuesday, saying simple but important words,” Chiellini told Sky Sport Italia. “I didn’t say them first, but I reiterated the words from the coach.

“It’s early days in the investigation, it’s all exploratory. When it comes to Juve, the investigations are amplified.

“We have to wait and put some effort into giving something back to a club that has given us so much. Tuesday’s appeal was extended to those around me and to those who have supported us for a long time.

“We have a moral obligation to be united to create something even more beautiful.”

Chiellini was also asked about his own future as a player and revealed ‘it’s not easy’ to know when to stop.

“I learned to live for the day, now it’s more difficult to recover,” he admitted. “As long as I can perform, I will go on.

“I would like to understand it a bit before, but it’s not easy.”


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